stand out.

be cool.

be strange.

As for anime, I’m currently watching vinland saga. If you ever want to get into anime, Manga, or comics, just let me know and I can give you a very detailed list of shows or books to start with.

I like playing basketball a lot. I evened earned a scholarship to play in college and I’ve also played professional basketball overseas in Spain, Sweden, Lithuania, Australia, and Germany.

(If you’re wondering, I made the shot in this photo. ……….Haters gonna hate.)

I mostly like playing adventure and strategy games like Mario Odyssey or The Legend of Zelda. Give me a game to save the world from an oversized
water-turtle-dinosaur or send me on a side-quest
to find you a broom so I can trade it for an
empty jar and I’m all good.

Hi! I’m Strange Wolf. My actual name is Danielle McCray and Strange Wolf is my working alias. I’m a Brand Designer and Illustrator. I’m currently based in South Florida and I have a Bachelors in Art from the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss). Since I was 5 years old, I’ve always loved drawing and creating new things from my imagination. I later became interested in designing when I was in high school. I liked thinking up different logos and design-styles for some of the local shops and brands in my city.

Besides designing and drawing, I like playing video games, watching anime, and playing basketball. I get a lot of inspiration from my other hobbies and I like it when I get a chance to mix design and illustrating with my hobbies. I’m also a habitual tea drinker and very much open to any new tea flavors you might know about.