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Aerial Powers. Aerial. Powers. Yes. I know. That’s someones real name. It’s actually the name of the 2019 WNBA Champion and shooting guard for the Washington Mystics. And her personality and gameplay on and off the court bursts with just as much energy as her name suggests. Along with being an awesome professional basketball player, Powers is also an avid gamer and even does live streams on her Twitch channel beautifully named Powerzsurge. Getting to create a logo that encompassed Powers personality and could be used across her various brands is definitely up there on my list of Top 5 Most Awesome Challenges.

For the Aerial Powers logo, it was important to create a logo that captured her personality and energy but was also versatile enough to work with her basketball brand as well as her gaming brand. A balanced logo that wouldn’t be too much on each end of the spectrum.

Going for a custom script type logo let me add personality and energy to the logo. Playing off of her last name (Powers) and her Twitch channel name (Powersurgz), I added a thunderbolt/electric element to the logo that still represents her energy and personality when playing
basketball and gaming.