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website design


FCTRY LAb is a high-tech sneaker creation lab, based in Los Angelos. They work with many creators, athletes, and brands to create customized shoes unlike any other. I’m a huge fan of the Founder, Omar Bailey, and the different sneakers he’s designed over the years and I wanted to challenge myself with designing a concept website design for his sneaker creation company.

For this concept website design, the biggest challenge was designing a site that displayed the brands high-tech side and added a bit of personality so that it didn’t look like any other sneaker website. As FCTRY LAb also sells their own personal brand sneakers, I wanted to add an e-commerce
element as well.

The solution was to add high-tech elements to the overall design so that the consumer could visually see the brand story of FCTRY LAb. I even applied the design to the e-commerce section of the site. I also, balanced the colors and other design elements to keep the site professional but still display the creative aspect of the company and culture around sneakers that FCTRY LAb has shown.