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illustration for social media


Kid’s FootLocker is the children branch of the global parent brand, FootLocker. They sell different popular brands of shoes and clothing made specifically for children. For their social media presence, they tend to market towards children as well. One of their Social Media Managers reached out to me to illustrate a few pairs of Crocs for their various social media accounts that they could use to market the shoe and catch the eye of their young audience.

For this project, the main challenge was illustrating something that would be eye-catching but also something simple as I was instructed to not do too much because they wanted a quick turnaround.

The solution was to illustrate the shoe with light shadows for depth, but to flood the color of the shoe across the entire page.
This way the color could be the main focus since it was a simple Crocs silhouette that was very common and well known. I then structured each illustration for various social media platforms.