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logo design | brand identity


Down in South Florida is King Daniel or as the locals know him as, Daniel Johnson or Young Dan or Dan The Man (he has a lot of nicknames). A tattoo artist on the rise, King Daniel is best known for his flora/beast-hybrid and mysterious drawings and his young hustler attitude. King Daniel ultimately wanted a type-design that spoke to his mysterious drawings but also his young but rising notoriety in the tattoo game.

Combining the different elements that make King Daniel who he is and maintaining his brand through a timeless logo design was a definite challenge. Telling the story of a young rising tattoo artist looking to put his mark on the industry with a go-getter yet humble mentality was essentially the story I was trying to have felt through the design.

The solution was to create a custom font-type inspired by modern dark gothic letters. The gothic letter types merged with his style of mysterious drawings. I also created the entire font in lowercase letters as a nod to King Daniel’s humble nature and designing the letters in a thick, bold design was to represent the presence and dominance he wants to be known for in the tattoo industry.

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