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logo design | brand identity


Paperchain is a fintech company. It is an instant payments card for online creators. It makes it possible for online creators to be paid as fast as their content is streamed by simply connecting their streaming channels to their personal Paperchain card.

Before taking on this project, one of the Founders of Paperchain reached out to me that they wanted to surprise their team with shirts to celebrate all of the hard work the team had done over the year. Their biggest request was that I not design the shirts to look like shirts from a fintech company. They didn't want them to look like traditional corporate shirts at all. They wanted a cooler design.

For this project, I tapped into streetwear inspiration. I wanted to design the shirts using different digital techniques and elements to create pseudo-textures and layered pops of colors from the teams existing branding. The Founder also requested I put in names and elements from the various countries and cities that the team had travelled to during the year. I also used the Pantone TCX color guide to pick colors that would blend well and show up well on the t-shirts perfectly.

brand identity designer