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Pups of AZ is a social media community built around their common love of the many lovable dogs of Arizona. Their Instagram is full of Arizona dogs and the dog’s funny anecdotal stories created by their owners. Along with their posts, Pups of AZ also helps other Arizona dog owners by giving out suggested companies and stores all around the desert state that services dog at high quality. Pups of Az even sells apparel and other dog treats and toys to fund their brand.

I would be creating a logo for a dog community brand which meant that the logo needed to be cute and soft. At the same time the client wanted the logo to be used on apparel and other dog products as well as used for their social media accounts. This meant that I needed to create a logo that could be scalable to different sizes.

I went with a minimal logo that wasn’t too complicated and could easily be used for the different apparel and dog products Pups of AZ hopes to sell. I also designed the logo so that it would scale easily for their different social media accounts and smaller products. All the while creating a cute and dog-loving (approved by my dog) logo that represented the loving community behind Pups of AZ.

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